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  • orion - shut up and listenAll of the negative responces can get bent, it amazes me that anybody who calls themselves a Floyd fan or even a music aficianado can do anything but adore this fine piece of art. Most of the nay sayers out there are bitchen about The Division Bell not being a classic floyd album well duh, it's called inovation, and even more than that, they are still growing musically as all true musicians do. If you are truly interested in artisanship you will appreciate the complex beauty that is this record. The last track of this incredible work(High Hopes)is possibly Floyd's greatest piece and the solo at it's ending is the the greatest use of a slide guitar that has ever been.David Gilmour has the soul of a thousand men and does for rock what Mozart did for classical or John Coltrain did for jazz.In short, if this isn't the greatest rock album ever, it is definitely the greatest Pink Floyd, although all their other records were monumentous as well. To all of you false Floyd fans out there who didn't give The Division Bell a fair chance there is a Billy Ray Cyrus album calling for you.
  • Adam Petrone "Adam" - Great, but will get better with Android Ice Cream Sandwich OSI've seen the evolution of the PC, owning my first IBM Aptiva back in 1992. Basically we're trying to make things smaller and more portable.First was the Big box and monitor, next was the flat screen monitor and laptops, then netbooks and now tablets.In my opinion other than App's I would save money and stick with a netbook for portability.Ok so This is my second tablet, I owned a Toshiba Thrive which I recently sold, was never really happy with it and always found myself back on my 250 dollar acer 11.6 netbook when I wanted mobility. This Asus prime is by far the best Android tablet on the market to date, But it's far from perfect as it really was suppose to run Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. The other major flaw in this is it's aluminum case. Apple ran into this with it's I-Phone as well. Signal strength is diminished when having to pass through metal compared to plastic. That's why it was delayed while they tried to remedy the weak WIFI. They realized after the fact that Satellite signals for it's GPS were also so weak that the GPS is really useless. They fixed the wifi issue but I don't think the GPS will ever be remedied. That side the big difference between the current android 3.2 and Ice Cream Sandwich is that the latter will allow all android app's to work on it where with 3.2 will only run android tablet app's . That is a big plus if they want to sell these as there aren't as many tablets app's as there are phone app's. There is suppose to be an update released toward the end of january, but if I had to do it again I would wait to buy this. Many bugs need to be worked out and I would rather have Ice Cream Sandwich installed at the factory rather than doing a update on adroid 3.2. That aside it's well built but the case does shows scrathes easily and even though it has the new tegra 3 there really is nothing out there that needs such a processor yet. Again wait if you havn't ordered yet Id'e wait and see how this comes togther. You have to ask yourself do I really need this or will a netbook suit my needs?


    Asus is today introducing the TF700T, a new variant of its Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet, whose major upgrade is a move to a 1920 x 1200 resolution. That makes two Android tablets moving to a 1080p res at CES 2012, following Acer's unveiling of the Iconia Tab A700 yesterday.

    The new Transformer Prime isn't sacrificing quality for quantity with its move to a much higher pixel density -- its display is still made of the SuperIPS+ stuff that impressed us so much when reviewing the TF201. Another highly significant upgrade is in the tablet's rear cover design, which has been altered to allow for better GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth performance. Great for new buyers, to be sure, but we wonder how happy owners of the current-gen Prime will be with this news.

    Android 4.01 will be the shipping OS on the Transformer Prime TF700T, which should cost between $599 and $699 when it hits North American shelves in the second quarter of 2012. Compatibility with the TF201's keyboard dock is retained, as are most of the internal components, including the 1.3GHz quad-core Tegra 3 system-on-chip. Onboard storage on the new Prime will be either 32GB or 64GB, depending on your preference. The only other notable step-up for the slate is in the front-facing camera, which has been upgraded from 1.2 to 2 megapixels.

  • Michael P. Maslanka - InsightfulThis insightful book sets straight---in academic and thoughtful writing---the historical Jesus from the Jesus we know today. Historical:a disciple of John the Baptist, a man who sought to overthrow the Jewish priests and their Roman masters, and whose promise of God's Kingdom in his here and now was responsible for his execution. Excellent summary of how Jesus was one "messiah" among many claiming the mantle. Present day Jesus:a creation mostly of St. Paul, who drained Jesus of his esssential identity as an oppressed Jew, and fought a losing battle against James, the brother of Jesus. So why did St. Paul's view prevail? His letters were circulated in the 50s. After Titus obiterated the Jews and the temple in the 70s, the letters were the only extisting connection to Jesus. The writing about the political fights betwen St. Paul and James contain some of the best writing in the book. A must read for anyone interested in early Christinanity.
  • Lion_Prophet13 - Love this Calendar!I bought this to bring in the new year of 2012. It was delivered at a reasonable date and I absolutely loved this calendar at first sight. I have no regrets about it at all. Every month this calendar delivers a spectacular illustration that simply captivates for that entire month and beyond. I probably won't throw it away when it's obsolete.

    Although string theory isn't my forte and I also don't fully understand the related references made out by musical band known as Tool -I'm nonetheless fascinated by these images and appreciate them all the same. I'm sure anyone could. It's really beautiful.
  • cindy23 - Best gadget I have ever purchased really works!!!Ever since using No No by Radiancy it has been perfect! I always had a lot if blonde hair on my face like my mom & trouble areas on lip & chin. Since using as directed at least 2xweekly it hardly ever grows back. Love the buffing pads too& the Smooyhing lotion.I highly recommend this to all my family & friends as they can see the difference it has made for me. LOVE IT:))))