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  • cboyd - Great at home Latte!!!If you are like me and only drink coffee with milk or cream you will love this machine. Before I got this I would brew coffee in my coffee pot, warm milk in the microwave then use an immersion blinder. Then once all that was done I would begin to build my drink. Warm milk first, syrup, and coffee, now stir to blend. Last I would scoop the frothed milk on top. Lots of work. Now I put my favorite coffee in and add water to the tank, add milk and syrup to the pot, and push start. Within minutes I have one or two cups ready to drink. Much easier! Makes coffee and milk very hot so I have plenty of time to rinse the pot with soapy water because it can't go in the dishwasher (the only negative I have).
  • L. Fulton "avid reader" - Help, finally!This book has been a lifesaver for me! After 7 years of suffering from a myriad of symptoms, going from doctor to doctor, with no resolution to my problems, I finally got some relief after reading this book. Little did I know, all my symptoms were related to one root cause: systemic candidiasis. After doing some research on the internet, I was led to this book. I had seen several recommendations for it, and excellent reviews. This book will help you to confirm what is happening in your body, and give specific steps you can take to start treating yourself to feel better. I have been putting Dr. Crook's suggestions into practice for a little over a month now and I feel so much better! So far, I have only been able to use homeopathic remedies - no prescription drugs - and have noted a marked improvement in my general health and well-being. I highly recommend this book to anyone who suspects they have a systemic yeast infection.
  • C. Simpson - So this is what music sounds like! I'm a believer!!At last, the product of my dreams! As soon as I hooked this up, actual music came out of my stereo. Unbelievable, I couldn't believe I was believing my ears... before I got this, I had to strain to hear anything at all from the stereo. It was boring and really fatiguing to listen so hard. At times I even thought I might just be imagining the music. But this product has magically transformed all that - imagine, after all these years with just an ordinary stereo, I had no idea how much inner detail and rhythmic connection I was missing!

    I'm eagerly listening to my entire CD collection again, and I'm just astonished. It's like I'm truly hearing the music for the first time - so many new sounds I had never heard before!!!

    Just to be sure, I tried it out a second time: as soon as I unhooked this product, I was back to practically nothing - the music faded to just a vague impression of what it could be. With the Denon AKDL1 back in - actual sound! A little tinny, but SOOO REALLY THERE!!! WOW.

    Seriously folks, this is the REAL DEAL... without this, you just have no idea what you're missing. I can't wait to add a second one... oh, that's going to be overload!

    Don't wait, order yours today!

    It will open up a whole new universe you never knew existed! Once you go into that universe, you can simply never go back (yeah, I agree with the other reviewers - if there's one drawback, this would be it. My wife and kids went, and I haven't seen them since. But I don't miss them, what with all this incredible music. Plus, I'm too scared to go. I wish it were bi-directional, but maybe that's just asking too much?? Maybe one day Denon will make a matching return cable. Then I'll really be in heaven!).
  • Caveman - Caveman like sliced nanas!Me caveman. Me like taste of nanas, but me no like eating nanas. Nanas too long and wide to fit in mouth and throat. Cavemen who no like cavewoman get happy in mammoth hides when they see me eat nanas. Me fight them lots.

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  • Barry W. Kearns - Make sure you get the SECOND EDITION!Part of the differential in some folks' review of this work has to do, no doubt, with the differences between the First Edition and Second Edition. I consider the First Edition to be, quite frankly, something of a disaster. The advice throughout was baffling and frankly wrong-headed. And let's be honest here folks... the goggles do NOTHING!

    The Second Edition offered here though (with a grudging admission that it is worth the hefty premium being asked... grrr!) is a whole other story. Since un-learning the previous offering and taking on this new perspective, I can say with complete honesty that I have successfully avoided EVERY single huge ship which came anywhere remotely near me. I've stopped stressing about this issue entirely now, and my life is fuller because of that.

    Yes, it's incredibly pricey... but after all, isn't your peace of mind worth it?