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  • Amanda Cohn "Allegra" - Great planner!

    It opens up to show Monday - Friday with 10 lines to write down activities, and Sat. & Sun. having smaller spaces to write. There's a 1" x 2" photo in every top right hand corner of something from nature, a character corner with quotes on a monthly theme, and space to write at the top of both pages for goals or other events. There are a lot of other features like a month at a glance at the beginning of the book, and a few pages dedicated to math, geagraphy, etc. facts that we don't use, but the planner is still quite small (we didn't want anything big) and easy to use.

  • Jody Essenhigh - Diana Gabaldon - Voyager

    Excellent book - excellent series - to wrap romance, time travel, historical events, humour, early law and medicine into one extraordinary series is a feat which Diana Gabaldon has achieved with superb use of the language and dialogues. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

  • C. Mason "BookBug" - Tummy Ache, Intestinal Problems? - read this book

    On a scale of 1-10 - this is an 11!!!

    Well written - addressing digestive issue that plague millions of Americans. This well known health professional tells us some simple truths that many of us probably never thought of as the source of our miseries. I have tested out the theory (not yet on the SCD) but proved her points in short order.

    Give this book your attention. It is worth every penny.