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  • David M. Petersam - A masterpiece that leaves no stone unturnedThis book, now in its 16th edition, is a comprehensive review of the new MCAT and provides strategies, preparation ideas, and sample questions to help you study. The full-color illustrations are aesthetically pleasing and accurate. I love the book's organization, which clearly shows you just what you need to know as well as what information is optional to learn. If you only purchase one book for your MCAT study needs, this 952-page book is the one.
  • Melanie C. Tew - This diet worked like a miracle for us.Our son was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 1997. We tried every medicine available, including Prednisone, Imuran and Remicade. He only got worse. So we started the diet outlined in this book in August 2000. We also began weaning him off of his medications at that time. Within a week he had more energy. After one month on the diet his SED rate had dropped over 15 points. By the following spring his SED rate and CRP were normal and he was no longer anemic. He has been med-free for over 3 1/2 years. His last SED rate was 2! CRP was 0.09! Even his gastroenterologist agrees that the diet has healed him. I highly recommend this book and the diet to anyone suffering with Crohn's.
  • Mother Fitz - Thruogh it all!We have a non-profit ministry entertainment educational business. We started small and are still small. Our work has had it's highs and lows in relation to income. No matter where we are in our journey Quickbooks has provided us with a secure, legal way of documenting, tracking and just plain old bookkeeping. We track contributions, monies paid as honoriums, salaries, expenses for travel and office. During the days of when we hired a bookkeeper to the days of when I, the novice had to take over that task we have relied on QuickBooks to help us be legal and up to date. I look forward to Little Square and what it has to offer. We are and always have been Mac users. It is so excellent to have a program that is Mac friendly.
  • Judy Lee "Judy" - A whole new perspective on Michael JacksonLike many of you, I became overwhelmed by the death of MJ. I was never a huge fan of his, but I was very curious what made him so famous. Being a busy white collar working woman, I don't really pour over any musician's biolography. However, MJ is larger than life. In this book, I learn about his humanity and his real personality. I never knew he was shy. I never understood why he went through all those plastic surgeries. It was the first time I read about his writing of "We are the world". The book was an eye-opener for me. It allowed me to get down beyond the glamour. It talked about Michael Jackson's flaws, such as his avoidance of confrontation, his eccentric humor (he platned the seed of the hyperboric chamber photo). He deliberately created a mysterious image of himself. Some of his troubles are self-inflicted. He did not learn from his 1993 mistake and yet draw more law suits towards him. For anyone who admires talents and wanted to know more about why MJ is the King of Pop, it is a good read. I cannot put it down!
  • Jonny "'07 Vet Duck" - A Life Changing Coffee Pot!!Seriously, this thing has changed my life. My wife was dropping $5 a day at the local coffee stand, she hasn't been back since we got the miracle device! It's maybe not quite as good as the coffee stand product, but it's close enough and easy enough to serve as a replacement. Couple things to note, we primarily use Da Vince white chocolate syrup and whole milk and it's really good. You have to wash the pot and the lid immediately after using, it's not hard, just a quick scrub and lay out to dry and your set. I imagine if you let it set, it would be a pain to clean. We also use whole Kirkland brand Espresso beans and pack them in their tight. We recently took this on vacation with my wife's family and they all bought one on Amazon before the weekend was over they were so impressed. These are now my favorite part of the weekends!