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  • Buffee - Taken~TOOK MEAbsolutely LOVE LOVE this book. I haven't read a truly good dystopian since January. This story is unique & very interesting. The characters of Gray and Emma are compelling. This book hooked me the first few pages. I read it in about 4 hours, could not put it down.
    I did myself questioning in my mind about certain situations that the characters get involved in, but I always have to remember these are 18 year olds, not actually "adults".
    The ONLY flaw I found in this book, is having to wait until next year for book 2. Why can't someone just write their trilogies all at once. I normally re-read the original book before I start the 2nd book. Truly it will be a pleasure to re-read this.
  • jose arturo - awesomefantastic, although its Ram capability is not suitable for this type of Tablets that have big screen it works well
  • Erik1988 - Finally I got my papers in order!I'm going to keep this sweet and to the point. . .

    - installed without issue on my Windows 7 64-bit system

    - Easy to follow information

    - Easy & intuitive interface

    - My situation is pretty straight forward, so my basic needs were taken care of with this program

    - The manual/guide answered some pressing legal questions I had

    - Can anyone say, "Affordable!!"

    OVERALL: Worth pursuing first, even if you expect to use a lawyer later. Same as I always use Turbo Tax first to get an idea of things before going to a tax person for the final draft. The investment is totally worth it!!
  • Holly Golightly - Fascinating.I have only read partway through the book on my Kindle app. by this point but am enjoying it immensely; there are plenty of insights into the inner workings of the Obama 2012 re-election campaign. I always watched Robert Gibbs on "Morning Joe" (nice to know that Michelle Obama and I both share an addiction to this program) and never knew that he was such a cusser (just as bad as I am).

    The Joe Biden/Hillary Clinton VP near-switch was illuminating as well. I'll let you know more as I progress in the book, but so far--great.
  • valmur "V" - Road traveler's must-have guideMy husband and I drive-camp from Massachusetts to Denver, visiting several other states along the way. This is a must-have volume for us, so that we can plan where to stop for lunch, as well as where we might end up camping for the night. I gave an older copy to friends, so now they order a new edition each year. The listings are pretty accurate, the directions always get us to where we want to be.