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  • floydian - A superb floydian classic

    The wall is among my favourite albums after the dark saide of the moon.This contains two of the greatest songs in COMFORTABLY NUMB and ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL.The terrific guitar solo on comfortably numb from Gilmour is enough to justify purchasing this album.highly recommend.Warrants a ten star rating.

  • brandy - Happy with it

    I have only been on this for 1 week at very minimum dose of 1 pill an hour before a meal and lost 2 pounds without doing anything else! I am disabled and cannot exercise so this was great for me to find! My appetite is curbed and I am now amping the dose to 2 pills before eating!
    Update: roughly 3 weeks into it and now 5 pounds lighter with zero exercise.. I forgot to take it one day and realized that I didn't eat the entire plate that was in front of me :) I will be reordering my next supply shortly :)

  • Florida Cracker - Inspiring Story

    This book is as much a story in business management as well as an intensely personal story of pain and suffering. Ms. Fu is a wonderful writer and speaks from the heart. I rarely buy books because of book reviews, but this was was very much worth reading and realizing (for many, perhaps) how good we have it here in the US overall.

  • Mynana "Nancy" - Was really getting upset

    I was really getting upset over all of the pop ups I was getting until I put this on and I immediatley noticed the difference.. No more pop ups woohoo... Also I love McAfee because I can do other things as it scans in the background and never bothers with what I am doing. It's very fast and works great :)

  • Extremely Satisfied with Pink Moose Company - Super features at a Super price

    I wasn't looking for all the bells and whistles when I purchased a GPS unit, but am glad I went with the Garmin nuvi 40LM because not only was the price right, but I also received lifetime updates! I really like the lane assist (comes in handy in the larger cities) and who can't love the speed trap camera alerts.