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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • John Althouse - Pleased with this itemI have the Manufacturing and Wholesale edition. I do light manufacturing and kitting of parts. The "Assembly" program works well. Also the units of measure (buy by the 1000-ft roll, sell by the inch, etc.) works well. I am very happy with this program especially as compared to a competitor program I was using. My princial interest is keeping track of inventory.
  • SteveFl - Samsung Galaxy 10.1I like this thing. The first one I got was DOA, but after an instantaneous and painless replacement from Amazon, the second one has been flawless. There is so much you can do with these -- surfing, Skype'ing, music, movies, maps, books, etc. Bluetooth, WIFI, and all the Android apps. I'm a bigtime gadget guy and this is my go-to device for any time that I leave the house. Roadtrips, airplanes, the grocery store or the doctors office, this tablet performs very very well. With a set of Bluetooth headphones you can listen to music (or Pods or whatever) and tune the world out.

    When I'm not traveling, the Galaxy lives in my living-room where it has become the 'pick it up and find out about that' thingie. Recipes, weather, who was in that movie, and all that. There are Droid apps for controlling your TV (and your air conditioning for that matter). The price/performance ratio for this tablet is outstanding. It gets constant use in our house and I'm glad we got it. If there is something that some other device does that this one does not, I am not aware of it. And, yes, some of my friends are Apple-people. You don't need that. This is good enough. Better than good enough!