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  • jppreston - New TerritoryAs he did in The End of Faith, Sam Harris stakes out new ground in The Moral Landscape. Harris continues to be the best spokesman for a rational world view. In his current book, he builds a case based on a naturalistic understanding of the world and neuro-imaging studies he performed, that belief in values is equivalent to an understanding of facts as they are operative in the world. While we could kid ourselves that values were somehow different from scientific facts when we fought over those values with swords and shields, this understanding is now of critical importance when a single madman or group of religious fanatics could gain the capability to destroy vast swaths of the earth with current technology. Harris argues that values should be scrutinized like any other fact and judged good (improving of the existence of sentient beings) or not.
  • sem8 - Clear informationNewly pregnant and unimpressed by the initial diet information I got from my doctor, I was starting to feel like I would have to go and read all the medical studies myself. Knowing that I would be too lazy to do that, I was starting to make my own rules that worked for me. Thankfully, I heard Emily Oster's interview on the radio last week and learned that she has basically done all the heavy lifting for me and packaged it in this nice, easy to read, and entertaining book.

    I wasn't really excited about the prospect of reading pregnancy books in general, but made an exception for this one and am so glad I did. I will be buying this book for every friend who becomes pregnant.

    Thank you, Emily Oster!
  • Robert J. Welch - Razor Sharp Focus On 2012 "Collision"It's as simple as this. Take an experienced, incisive reporter and turn him loose on the Obama/Romney campaign and the GOP Clown Car. Balz has an insider's knowledge of the nation's capital and its quadrennial follies. His personal interviews with the candidates augment the detailed reporting of an-all-too-long American political circus. 5 Stars!