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  • Flygirl - WE LOVED IT BIG TIME!!! (planning to buy more!)While I truly appreciate the heads up (regarding the company and credit cards), I am going to tell you what I think of the product as the wife of a husband who just tried ONE tablet! I don't think a guy can get these results with this tablet alone but I'm glad my guy of 23 yrs did not take 3! Reason being, is that he also uses pboost and while the two products can get really pricey, ONE tablet of this and one tablet of pboost made him like a rock star in the bed last night AND this morning! God as my witness! No one is paying me (wish they were) but these are the results we got! First time out of the gate! I'm 53 and my guy is 49 and he made me feel like we were both in our 20s!!! We did not do it like THAT when we met (I just turned 30, he was 26 and we were both active duty Air Force in Germany back in 1990)! So, that's my advice; I will look into the card thing (hubby got a free sample and just paid for shipping and canceled only because we did not want additional charges to the card); but I would GLADLY pay for this product (with the boost); I can barely get over how AWESOME It was for us around 1:30 this morning and AGAIN around 5:30/6a.m.!!! Can hardly wait until the next round!!!! Serious; try the two together and I doubt you'll be disappointed! Really, one or both of the companies should payment for this endorsement but it's the truth!
  • review1234567 - Great resource against fear-mongeringFirst of all, I am appalled by Amazon's policy of allowing reviews from people who clearly haven't read this book, as well as allowing the customer reviews section to be overwhelmed by FAS moms who have turned a usually helpful feature into their own forum to scare and badger pregnant women into submission.

    Secondly, it appears to me that a lot of people seem to be missing the entire point of this book - Emily Oster isn't prescribing anything to pregnant women but giving them the research and tools to make their own decisions. With her PhD in economics, the author is, in fact, quite qualified to help analyze and filter through the myriad of studies regarding pregnancy to allow her readers to make their own intelligent and informed decisions. Additionally, Oster directs the reader to conduct her own research to reach her own conclusions.

    As a pregnant woman who feels as though she has been subjected nonstop since even before her pregnancy to the fear-mongering and medical-industrial scare tactics, I welcomed the point of view from another intelligent, educated woman who refuses to accept advice from a doctor just because he or she is a doctor. What other wonderful advice have doctors imparted over the years that today has turned out to be useless at best or harmful at worst? Everyone's in such a hurry to tell pregnant women not to eat lunch meat, sushi, or drink wine, but why doesn't anyone say anything about pregnant women eating at McDonald's or feeding their unborn babies nutrionally-void foods, like all the processed and chemically-laden crap that's on supermarket shelves these days?

    I digress. To conclude, I believe Emily Oster has written a wonderful resource to be read in conjunction with many other pregnancy books, so each pregnant woman may make her own intelligent and informed decisions regarding her pregnancy, as each pregnancy is as unique as the mother and baby growing together.
  • Katayoun - A Must Read for Anyone Who Wants to (Naturally) Get to the Root of Their Health Issues Instead of Treat Symptoms (with Drugs)I bought this book and read it in one day. I took the test and scored 350+. I had tried to self-treat my asthma and allergies (and numerous other symptoms of dis-ease) with supplements so I could come off my steroids and inhaler but nothing ever really worked. When I read the Body Ecology Diet everything just clicked. There is SO much information in his book that you do not find in regular health-related books or websites. I have been off my steroids and inhaler for a few months now - and as soon as I behave badly for a period of time (lots of refined sugar and /or alcohol) my asthma returns. But most assuredly when I get back on the diet, it goes away. I maintain a therapeutic level of the BED...I now rarely eat refined sugar and keep light social drinking to the weekend. Along with my asthma and allergies going away, I also do not get PMS anymore. With this book I learned to help my body do what it needs to do. My husband is a chiropractor and recommends this book to anyone with chronic issues. I am a firm believer in what the BED can do for people, and I do my best to educate others about it. The BED book offers great recipes like the Summer Corn Salad and Curried Quinoa. BED can be a little difficult at first (it requires you to buy good food (organic), ferment veggies, cut out all sugars including fruit, etc) but if you're truly sick & tired of being sick & tired, you must read this book and put it into action. You have nothing to lose and great health to gain.