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  • Charles C Waits - Great Quality ProductThis software was easy to install into my computer, though I purchased from Amazon and the product key did not work and I had to contact Malwarebytes to activate my copy, and it is a user-friendly interface. It found quite a bit of items inside my computer and has removed them allowing my computer to run faster without heating up and causing a shut down. Glad to have purchased this item and to see it works as well as it is suppose to.
  • S. - Nice TabletNice tablet at a reasonable price compared to an equivalent Apple Ipad. OS is much more universal when it comes to affordable apps. instead of being locked in to high priced Apple proprietary apps. If your someone who values a good product and dislikes being dictated to and brainwashed by the over priced Apple products mantra, here's a good alternative.
  • Brian M. Donohue - Floyd's "High-Waters Mark"Dogs: if this music doesn't raise the hairs on your neck, best see if your head's still attached. It's one of the more moving, shattering songs that PF created over the course of their decade of creative maturity. Waters' metaphor is savagely poignant: the corporate hound, in a career of backstabbing, life-sucking, money-hungry depredation, finds that his blood has congealed--calcified with the weight of his accumulated crimes--and it drags him down to inner death, drowns him in the pool of his own deceit and ignominy. Gilmour, too, is at his heart-stopping, inspiring best on this track, in which he combines acoustic and electric sequences in music that raises Waters' verse to a level of sublimity that is rarely touched in modern music.

    There are other amazing discoveries to be made in the other tracks of this album: Gilmour performs further wonders in his solos on Pigs and Sheep, and even the tiny snippets that open and close the album (Pigs on the Wing) are moving in their irony--parodies of the top-40 love songs that were (and are) the radio rage while PF continued their practice of creating long, carefully constructed pieces of music that could be explored rather than merely enjoyed.

    Animals, on the whole, is perhaps the last great collaboration of these outstanding artists (and I include Wright and Mason there, whose contributions throughout the PF era have been generally underestimated). True, there is some great music on The Wall, but by that time Waters and his runaway ego had taken over the band, and it was no more the seamless unit that changed the history of music with DSOTM, WYWH, and Animals.

    The only element I miss on this album is Dick Parry, the saxophonist whose sound had become so central to the PF aura in Dark Side and Wish You Were Here. Yet even without him, Animals is one of the high points in the entire history of modern music.
  • Lisa S. - Really Works!!This product has brought me such peace of mind. I was leery of ordering it because it is expensive but I considered the cost of the medications that seemed to be the alternative and realized they would quickly add up to this initial cost. I also like that this option is completely natural. It really works and takes moments a day. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering this embarassing problem.