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  • Mike Shannon - 2nd stroller that is a perfect fit for us

    My wife and I live in the Seattle area and have a full size stroller for when our daughter is born this upcoming August. We felt that purchasing more of an umbrella style stroller to go along with the full size was a great idea, we decided on the mini. This would allow us the versatility of taking 1 child or 2 and in the meantime, we could use the Mini to buzz around town. Most of the Mountain Buggy models have air filled tires, but not this one. I was informed by my sales associate about the new technology in these tires. It has an air chamber in them, causing the ride to be smooth like it has an inner tube, but I dont have to worry about a tube deflating. The mini has met all of our need thus far and we are sure it will last many years. It has a very easy fold and stands up out of the way once collapsed. This is nice for us because we have a small apartment. If you are not looking to spend a ton but get the quality of the Mountain Buggy name, the mini is something that you should check out. We are extremely happy with our purchase and I am recommending it to my friends that have children or kids on the way. By the way, it will be able to accommodate our daughter from the day she is born because the seat goes down into a lie flat position.

  • JeffC - Breaking the Vicious Cycle

    My son was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis; medical treatments were not working. He was very, very sick.
    The diet as laid out in this book worked for my son. His symptoms started to go away after 3 days on the diet.
    He continues on it today, 1 month later. This has helped him greatly.
    I was drawn to this book from other positive reviews on blogs from people who have UC and IBS.

  • Its All Good "its all good" - Griping story

    This book is an eye opener. Its not hard to understand how this little girl was terrorized and brutalized. Ms. Smart is simply the most amazing courageous woman I've ever heard of. She is so honest and paints the story with details that only an innocent child who had received such wicked vile treatment and survived, could. My heart breaks for her every time I hear of her horrific ordeal. My heart soars for her every time I hear of one of her accomplishments. This is a book I will only read once. I don't think I have the fortitude to do it again. She is definitely a heroin.

  • Mathew Knudson - A Book Good Enough to Make You Angry

    This book is an incredibly well researched and well-presented history of the police in the US, the rise of SWAT teams, stop-and-frisk, and other practices, that will leave you both enlightened and enraged. This book, while discussing something political, manages to avoid partisanship, instead focusing purely on the growing misuse of force to solve every problem, from drugs to regulatory law. This is a must read for anyone who cares about justice or freedom, as the phenomenon he describes is a clear enemy of both.