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  • Dally "Dally" - Finally Church Magazines on KindleI am so grateful that I can have the General Conference on kindle. I had been wondering when the church would start publishing the church magazines on kindle. This is amazing!!!! Please continue to offer kindle content. Hopefully we can have digital subscriptions soon and have them automatically delivered electronically to us!!!
  • - Simply the best layman's medical guide, period.This book should be in every home. It was especially designed for people in rural areas without access to a doctor but the medical information is applicable anywhere. The way the information is presented - it is written to be easily understood by anyone and you don't need a medical degree to do so - is impressive. The wealth of information here on a large number of topics, from symptoms to treatment to possible drug side-effects, is also impressive. While most laymans' medical manuals deliberately withhold information and tell you to "see a doctor" for certain things, this book does not. As such it should be extremely valuable for emergencies. It is no substitute for a doctor but is indespensible for those situations where no doctor is available.