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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 84606 Provo, Utah

  • Stacie Jordan "Texas SJ" - The best thing I took on vacation!We just came back from a trip to Europe and purchased four of these digital books for my mini ipad. I can honestly say that if we did not have these books to help us with the limited in each country the trip would have not been successful. He gives you so much information on how to get around, walking tours to get the most sightseeing including the length of the walk and the amount of time it will take. In addition we did take two tours and although the guides were informative, I was able to share more information and detail about the history and specific works or art, etc. In the future, if there is a Rick Steves' book to purchase for my trip, you can bet I will download it. The downloads allowed me to carry four books without any additional weight. That plus the addition to Google Maps GPS features, we were world travelers!
  • mjinak "MJ" - Very helpful and I AM NOT a paid reviewerWe took in a grandchild that has been abandoned by one parent, abused and starved by another, moved from home to home, etc. Drugs and alcohol are her background. She is a wonderful child but she is manipulative and plays the victim to get attention. She does not do her schoolwork, etc. Teachers spoil her because of her background and because she acts coy and cute, so they provide her with the one on one hand holding she wants and so she plays that she can't do anything. Then I catch her doing her math perfectly, her writing beautifully, etc just for fun. Everyone else around her wants to baby her because they think poor, poor her so she has no need to lift a finger outside the house and she was becoming rebellious in the house.

    I have never been a parent and I was losing my temper with her. I did not know how to move her in the right direction. Total Transformation may be directed at problem kids, which she is not at this point, but it is helping me get her focused and keep her from following in her parents footsteps (mother into drugs, trouble with the law, violent outbursts, drop out). Her math scores are regularly 100% now, her spelling has gone from failing to 70% and improving in just a few weeks. Her handwriting is legible and improving. She loves the sense of accomplishment she now gets from her successes. Implementing these techniques helps me to be a calmer and more consistent parent and is helping her succeed.

    My husband raised 5 kids less than successfully. 4 of 5 have drug, alcohol and legal problems. He says he wished he had this when he was raising his kids.