Zantac Side Effects To Be Wary Of - Zantac is a heartburn medication sold over the counter. This site discusses Zantac's side effects.

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  • Linda Kay Wilson - Awesome download...Works great.The ONLY complaint I have is in regard to the "schedule payment/deposit"...The previous version I was using allowed for you to schedule stuff to be done on the 2nd Wednesday, or 3rd Monday, etc...This version 2013 does not allow for that. It only lets you schedule for a specific day of the month. We pay all our bills on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (Husband;s payday). Of course, the 2nd Wednesday is different each month. It may be the 14th of one month and the 10th on another. I now have to schedule everything to pay on the 15th because I know the money will be in the bank at that time.
  • Claire Krissinger - Cure tough to drinkI am now on day 17 and am suppose to be drinking 3 8 oz glasses with 19 drops of the food grade peroxide. Did it in the early am. Lay in bed for a while as I felt nauseated for awhile. Don't know if I can continue the large doses. May drink more frequently in smaller doses like suggested in the book. Has seemed to reduce drastically my bad leg cramps like I had hoped it would do.