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  • C. Ang "skyangel_k1" - Basics great for a newcomerThe basics helped me understand some of the fundamentals and theory behind cake decorating. i bought this together with some other cake decor books, and this one is a great starter. I was so inspired, I started decorating and testing out the ideas almost immediately, and quite successfully too!
  • FJMW - Products + Regimen = WorksThese products really do work - at least for me. I've been using them for three months now and they work way better than the prescription topical treatments prescribed by my dermatologist. Things to know: 1) It takes a couple of weeks to really get going. I still had a couple of pimples come in during that period. 2) You need to couple these products with the regimen, it will help. 3) They won't stop every single pimple forever, you might get one from time to time - especially if you don't use the products or follow the regimen. However, I've noticed that if I do get one, they heal faster and better than before. 4) The moisturizer does not have sunscreen in it, but it is the best I've ever used. It's not oily and soaks right in. Just my two cents - I don't normally leave reviews, but I've been dealing with acne for almost 20 years now, so since I've found something that has worked, (at least so far), I figured that other people might benefit from what has worked for me. Good luck!
  • L Peterson - Sweeper dry pads work great for getting hair and fibers off floorThe dry pads are amazing at getting hair and fibers off the floor. I live in a small apartment with spaces in the wood floor that catch everything and there is also construction going on outside our building that brings in a ton of dust and fiber. No matter how many times I sweep and mop, some hair and fibers manage to escape the broom and mop. The dry pad on the swiffer caught the hair and fibers, and I felt for once that the floors were actually clean, and my apartment feels much more livable.

    I would recommend this product for anyone with a similar problem cleaning hair and fibers. This is also a great timesaver, especially for cleaning bathroom floors and quick sweep jobs on hard floors. The swiffer is very lightweight and hardly feels like cleaning. However, unless you use it very regularly, I think that an actual sweep job might occasionally be necessary, as the swiffer does not have a dust pan, but binds the dirt to its pad.
  • CC927 - Bookkeeping as easy as pie!Enjoying numbers and bookkeeping as I do, Quickbooks helps me to keep businesses that I work for and have worked for in the past current and reports easy to generate.
    For anyone who wants to own a small business and have to do the bookkeeping yourself to save money, this is the product for you. I have used other software which is good also. With the need to have an accountant for year end taxes and more complicated forms and reporting than a beginner can handle, I find that the accounting firms I've worked with all use Quickbooks so its easy to send them reports and access through Quickbooks. With the Excel feature, you can compile and merge more information from your Quickbooks reports for other financial needs. Quickbooks is simply awesome. I've recommended it to my friends in small business.