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  • Stacy - Changed my life.

    As a long time IBS-D sufferer, I've tried diet modifications, probiotics (yakult, good belly, etc), and medications (immodium, pepto bismol) to treat my symptoms. Then I heard about this particular probiotic from the show Food Hospital. About 1 week after starting the Align, my IBS-D was almost completely resolved. The daily symptoms I experienced literally stopped. I've been taking it for about 3 months now, and I've had only about 3 not-so-great tummy days during that entire time. I can't speak for everyone, as my mom tried Align for her digestive issues and noticed no difference. But for me, I've got a normal life again without popping pepto every few hours and constantly worrying where the bathroom is when I go out. Highly, highly recommended!

  • T. Turner "TripleT" - Side effects to be expected

    I loved them! Of course, these gummies gave me the typical sugar-substitute side effects, but sugar free is all I can eat, and I can't find sugar-free gummies in most stores. These were given to me as a gift, and I was in heaven. Yes, they affected my bowels, but all sugar-substitutes do that and it is to be expected. Eat them in small doses and don't whine about it. In all fairness, they warned you!