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  • Nancy Grace fan "Mystery lover" - Excellent!There's never been any question that I would not vote for Obama, but I wanted to be able to explain to my liberal friends the facts. I have tried to get through political books before, but this one is concise, straight to the point and was really interesting. It is not difficult to understand. I knew bits and pieces of what was in the book, but there was so much I didn't know, and it all came together. I hope people will read this before they vote in November.
  • John Killough - Great tabletI bought this for my wife, and eventually got one for myself as well. It is an amazing tablet for the price. It can do a lot, but because of the special Amazon version of the android operating system it can not do everything a generic android tablet can. This is especially good if you consume a lot of Amazon media content.
  • Mary Ann Longo "Paul J. Longo-PJL" - Great PlayerOur old player was under water in Hurricane Sandy and had to be replaced when we returned to our home in May. Consumer Reports rated this Blu-ray Player very highly and they didn't steer me wrong. It is easy to operate, has a great picture and was reasonably priced. We are very happy with it.
  • Kenneth Thomsen - Helpful directory.I will know in the future if this book is as helpful as I hope it will be. But I definitely like how the book tells you the title of the person you will be sending your work to, what genres they want, and their submission policies. Some of these companies accept scripts outright. It took a while for me to realize that the internet wasn't a viable place to learn of agents and the like. So far I've noticed in this book that a writer will be sending their work directly to production company producers, writers, and directors. This review is hopefully full enough to help someone else base a purchase off of it; I might rate the book with ten stars if I get a call back. :) Good luck writers.
  • Sparky Jones - It's come a long way.I've been a big MS Office user since version 2000. It seems that with every big change there are quirks to work out. However, after listening to users for many years, Microsoft is getting it right the first time around.

    This version of Office does not come with Access, so be aware of that fact. 2010 users will notice a moderate difference cosmetically and 2007 users will notice a big difference. They have streamlined this version to go with Windows 8 nicely.

    When clicking in any application, you can access most commands on the tool bar at the top. It's more expansive than past versions. All of the features of past versions are in this one. The file formats are the newer 2010 .docx, etc.

    Functionality is improved with better media integration. You can save to SkyDrive, dump movies and photos into projects easier, and much more.

    I love it so far and will post updates as I use it more.